Pro-Duck is an art workshop based in Maastricht where artists and designers see their creations come to life.

With 11 years of experience, we have specialised in some of the most advanced art manufacturing techniques. We’re always open to new ideas and we thrive on exploring new production methods. We love challenging the impossible while keeping costs competitive.


At Pro-Duck we work with a range of architects, artists, furniture makers and students that require pieces to be manufactured. Whether you have a sketch on paper or a 3D model, we can help you through the process of getting them ready for machining.


The use of computer numeric controlled (CNC) routing machines enables elaborated shapes to be realised in a fraction of the time it would take to hand-make them. Whether you need a simple sheet to be routed or a mould to be milled, we can guarantee high precision and repeatability.


From one-off bespoke sculptural models to architectural scale models, we enjoy helping our clients to bring projects to life. A physical model helps decipher the complex design aspects that are difficult to grasp from the virtual setting of a 3D model. 


At Pro-Duck we are very open to new collaborations, we love to push our boundaries towards exploring ideas. If you always wanted to produce something impossible and you didn’t know where, get in touch with us!