CNC carving the top part of the shark head CNC finishing of the shark jaw Quality check after machining the shark Hand finishing the shark teeth Application of aluminium foil Aluminium foil application Aluminium foil application Top part of shark is ready for being coated with glass fibre Glass fibre application Shark glass fibre application Front view of shark E antepavilion back view of shark E of Antepavilion Megalodon shark for Antepavilion Megalodon shark dimensions Tiger shark dimensions White shark dimensions White shark dimensions White shark cavity for smoke machine Sharks !


Prop making
About This Project

Set of sharks manufactured for the 2020 edition of the Antepavilion in Hoxton Docks, London.


The winner of the competition, Jaimie Shorten, teamed up with Pro-Duck to manufacture the large sculptures.


The sharks were 3D modelled hollow to host smoke and bubble machines in their bodies. They were manufactured with a 7 axis robot arm at the Pro-Duck workshop in East London and finished at the Prop Creator workshop of Mark Boyes.


Photos and video by Dylan Drake