Pro-Duck for Local Colective - Sitting on London's Clay

Sitting on London’s Clay

Sitting on London’s Clay

Set of 12 modular benches made for the Local Collective’s seating winning entry for the London Festival of Architecture in London Bridge station. It uses London’s clay – a natural material found beneath Londoners’ feet – to offer social furniture that is breathable and sustainable.


The bench’s modular system offers different arrangements, while the materiality of clay improves indoor air quality by absorbing humidity and toxins. In response to climate change, Sitting on London’s Clay encourages a re-think about centuries-old construction techniques and materials.


Sitting on London’s Clay is for:


Design: @itsalocalcollective
Fabrication: @produck_uk


Clay supply: @clayworksclayplasters
Clay application: @guyvalentineltd


Photos by:
Luke O’Donovan
Local Collective

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