Dioxygen is the oxygen in its gas form, O2. This installation has been fabricated in the Studio Cyril de Commaque is composed of aluminium angle bars for its structure, cladding in stainless steel polished mirror sheets and welded meshes.   Inside the cage, a container of fertilised-soil and a wifi-controlled UV-light help the tropical plants […]


A set of 5 recycled High-Density PolyEthylene (HDPE) sculptures produced by Studio Cyril de Commarque for the exhibition “Artificialis” at the Saatchi Gallery in London.   As the technical development manager of this project, I was in charge of sourcing materials, researching and running the optimal manufacturing techniques to fabricate these recycled plastics sculptures.   […]

My Eden is a Lie

Exterior installation made for Cyril de Commarque. The cage is composed of stainless steel flat bars and 50mm mesh welded in the shape of a polyhedron. The hanging writing in the cage is a cold white neon made by Neon Lauro.


A set of 8 wooden sculptures carved out of 100mm maple wood planks. Dimensions range between 1m to 3m wide, the number of mini wooden cylinders range between 2,500 to 13,500 units per sculpture, with a height of 15 to 42mm. This set of sculptures has been produced by the Studio Cyril de Commarque, for […]


The interior decoration of one of the many extravagant rooms at Chateau de la Bourlie in Urval, France. Glue-laminated plywood has been shaped and CNC-routed to cover the mirror seams, so to allow the continuity of the background throughout the whole room.


Poly(methyl methacrylate) scale model of a sculpture of Cyril de Commarque. In order to maintain the exact angles of the original sculpture, the laser-cut pieces are assembled with 3d printed guiding joints that are hidden in a sandwich of tinted methacrylate (plexiglass) and reflective high impact polystyrene (HIPS).


Interior installation for a corridor of the Chateau de la Bourlie in Urval, France.   2,500 crystals hung from the ancient ceiling so to transform the corridor into a unique chandelier.   I was in charge of quantifying the crystals necessary to give the desired effect and consecutively define their configuration in space. I developed […]


Fluxland is the name of Cyril de Commarque‘s boat sculpture and performance for the Thames Festival in London 2017. A Dutch barge stripped to its core, its length went from 38 to 25m, the upper deck was replaced by a glass fibre reinforced plastics shell, clad in stainless steel polished mirror sheets.   The Fluxland […]

Les Larmes de Peter Pan

Sculptural installation by Cyril de Commarque for the “Frontiers” exhibition at MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome, Italy. The polyhedron is formed of black painted square steel tubes, pierced along their edges to allow red wool threads to populate the internal volume.