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Model making
Denizen Works
About This Project

1:64 scale model of the “Floating Church” project made by Denizen Works.


To achieve the highest level of detail, we employed different 3d printing technologies for this model.
We used an SLS (selective laser sintering) 3d printer for the hull and cabins. However, we worked with an FDM (Fused deposition modelling) 3d printer for the roof and bellows. We then finished and hand-painted all 3d printed pieces to hide any imperfections. For the bellows, we used a translucent PETG filament that simulated the original sail material of the project.


The window blinds of the original project feature an intricate metal pattern. We simplified such pattern and we laser-cut it to fit the scale of the scale model of the floating church.


Finally, we hand-painted the roof pattern to simulate the original project.


As the interiors of the original project are made of American Ash, we employed the same wood for the base of the model. We then CNC-carved a pocket to host the electrical circuit used for lighting up the model.

A timed switch in the front of the model activates a battery-powered LED strip inside the cabin for a maximum duration of 60 seconds.


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